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Susan Jeffers’ ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

Isn’t it weird that, for all we want, our brains will do all it can get away with to avoid pain, even at the expense of great pleasure. We’ll play it safe to avoid the pain of rejection, emotional strain or physical pain, even it means more pain for us in the long run. You […]

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A few superfoods to get you going

Friday, June 13th, 2014

The health food world is going crazy about superfoods. Credited with having almost magical health properties, superfoods are an elite group of foods that are believed to be incredibly beneficial to your health. Some common foods like blueberries, garlic, dark chocolate and broccoli, as well as some stereotypically health-foods foods like green tea, wheatgrass and […]

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Real Riches

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

  In life, we put a lot of value on things. Whether fame, wealth, fancy cars, technology or our appearance, so many of us focus on owning things to give our lives more value. The endless pursuit of these things can leave our lives empty. Would our lives suddenly become meaningless without them?! All of those things can […]

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