June 9th, 2014 by Sit up a Tree


Ok a bit mad … a post on how to breathe, I agree. But so often when I’m listening to motivational tapes, hypnosis CDs, gym instructors etc, I hear the speaker tell me to take a deep breath. And I do. I take a long conscious deep breath that I then hold in tight.

And this is supposed to make me relax? Doing this ADDS tension to the body. The muscles have to tense up and hold. It’s more like a fear reaction!

What they should really be telling me to do is breathe OUT. Slowly and gradually letting the breath go. Just like you do when you’re talking or singing or just breathing. Then when all the breath is expelled you just let your body do what it wants to do naturally.

Think about squeezing out a sponge … when you let go, what happens? That’s right, it expands and refills with air. Just the same as your lungs! It happens on its own with no conscious thought or effort.

It’s healthier and much more relaxing this way. And bringing your awareness to your breathing is just being aware of your breath, happening on its own, not forcing it or ‘doing’ it in any way. Just noticing.

Happy breathing!

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