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A few superfoods to get you going

Friday, June 13th, 2014


The health food world is going crazy about superfoods. Credited with having almost magical health properties, superfoods are an elite group of foods that are believed to be incredibly beneficial to your health.

Some common foods like blueberries, garlic, dark chocolate and broccoli, as well as some stereotypically health-foods foods like green tea, wheatgrass and kelp, are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. However, as there is no 100% set definition for the term ‘superfood’, it is difficult to get a genuine idea of how, or whether or not, they work! It is such a grey area, in fact, that the EU has banned the term ‘superfood’ from being used on packaging or to promote products.
For example, garlic is supposedly really good for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, but apparently you would have to eat around 28 cloves A DAY, to see any results! I think that would be a bit too much…

BUT! Despite the uncertainty around the details of the subject, these ‘superfoods’ are still good for you. You aren’t going to find a Snicker or a fast food burger on there any time soon, so you can still be confident that these foods aren’t going to be UNhealthy to you.

Decreasing your intake of junk food and increasing your consumption of healthy “super” foods, will have a positive effect on your health. Here are a few foods you can add to your diet:

Superfoods Spinach – Spinach is full of vitamin C and K, rich in antioxidants and provides nutrients that encourage healthy hair and nails. It also works against muscle degeneration and promotes cardiovascular and bone health.

Pistachios – Pistachios are high in protein, fibre and unsaturated (good) fats and help to lower cholesterol.

Quinoa – Quinoa is one of the best super foods as it is very high in protein and fibre, contains all essential amino acids and is a source of iron, lysine, magnesium and manganese. It is also gluten free!

Broccoli – Broccoli contains Vitamins A and C and is a good source of both iron and calcium. Broccoli also contains compounds that aid the body’s ability to impede cancer cell growth.

Garlic –  Garlic is well known for helping to maintain a healthy immune system and regulate blood sugar. It also contains vitamins C and B6.

Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate, as well as being and antioxidant, helps to lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels.

Sweet Potato – As well as being fantastic in both sweet and savoury dishes, sweet potatoes are bursting with Vitamins C, D and B6 and are good sources of iron and magnesium.

Goji berries – Goji berries contain all your essential amino acids and are very high in iron and zinc. They also contain the highest concentration of protein of any fruit in the world and are a good source of fibre.

Almonds – Almonds provide a good dose of Vitamin E, calcium, zinc and many other nutrients. They also promote healthy digestion as well as healthy skin, hair and nails.

Brazil nuts – They contain a lot of protein, fibre, calcium, selenium and iron. They can promote heart health, a strong immune system and are a healthy snack substitute.

For more info on the difference between junk and super food, here’s a very helpful video from PsycheTruth:

We’re far from finished on the subject of Superfoods, so keep coming back for more information, advice and recipes!

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Real Riches

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


In life, we put a lot of value on things. Whether fame, wealth, fancy cars, technology or our appearance, so many of us focus on owning things to give our lives more value. The endless pursuit of these things can leave our lives empty. Would our lives suddenly become meaningless without them?!
All of those things can be physically taken from us very easily, and life can sometimes pull the rug out from under us.

Riches - Oscar Wilde

Could you be happier in life if you shift your focus from fleeting things, to the riches of life that no-one can rob you of? By all means enjoy the things you have and want, but place the value of your life in true and meaningful treasures, such as your spirit and energy. Treasure what truly matters and let those other things take less of your focus. Approach life with an attitude of gratitude and accept what life gives you, rather than seek material things.

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Monday, June 9th, 2014


Ok a bit mad … a post on how to breathe, I agree. But so often when I’m listening to motivational tapes, hypnosis CDs, gym instructors etc, I hear the speaker tell me to take a deep breath. And I do. I take a long conscious deep breath that I then hold in tight.

And this is supposed to make me relax? Doing this ADDS tension to the body. The muscles have to tense up and hold. It’s more like a fear reaction!

What they should really be telling me to do is breathe OUT. Slowly and gradually letting the breath go. Just like you do when you’re talking or singing or just breathing. Then when all the breath is expelled you just let your body do what it wants to do naturally.

Think about squeezing out a sponge … when you let go, what happens? That’s right, it expands and refills with air. Just the same as your lungs! It happens on its own with no conscious thought or effort.

It’s healthier and much more relaxing this way. And bringing your awareness to your breathing is just being aware of your breath, happening on its own, not forcing it or ‘doing’ it in any way. Just noticing.

Happy breathing!

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