Because I’m happy – Eliminate ‘mood matching’ from your life

April 25th, 2014 by Sit up a Tree


Have you ever had an awesome day where you were feeling great that ended up going downhill because someone around you was in a bad mood and your mood dropped with thiers? Do you do this so as to avoid annoying/upsetting them further?

How many times have you altered your mood to fit with the other people around you?  Because, if you do, it isn’t good for you.

Most people ‘mood match’ to a slight degree, but it can get too much when it is actually spoiling your mood and turning your day around. We often do this out of politeness, because we don’t want our positive mood to grate on the other person or appear to rub our state in their face, but it doesn’t make sense to me why we should play into it, because while someone else may be feeling a certain way or just in a bad mood, we’re taking it one step further and encouraging that negativity. It’s bad for you and others so I suggest, no matter how tempting it may be, you try to avoid mood matching. It may not seem polite, but it really is the best thing for everyone.

In many cases, mood matching is accidental, rather than deliberate, as it can be quite natural for your mood to drop in the presence of others suffering negative emotions. When this happens, it’s important to get conscious quickly. By that I mean you need to be aware and pay attention not to let it get to you. Sounds hard, but you’ll pick it up with practice.

Also, think about the other person before you match their mood. Personally, it sucks not being able to be sad or grumpy without people matching mood around me and making it harder to escape the feeling. So help yours and other’s moods by staying aware and not getting dragged down with it.

Stay well, guys! If you have any comments or questions please share them with us! X

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