5 tips for Creating Better Habits

April 22nd, 2014 by Sit up a Tree

As a follow on from the previous article I wrote about getting rid of the baggage we bring to creating new habits, here are 5 tips for creating new habits in a better way:

plant flowers

  1. Think positive thoughts about the habits you want to create – this means letting go of thoughts like ‘I want to do this but it’s going to be hard. Let that thought go and plant some flowers instead!
  2. Careless Talk Costs Dreams – Stop yourself saying things like “I am going to slog along to the gym tomorrow.” Even if you can’t quite bring yourself to say “I’m excited to go to the gym today” just yet, in the meantime you can help yourself towards great habits by simply saying “I’m going to the gym now.” It’s better not to pre-empt the experience in negative ways, even if doing so might be the socially acceptable thing to do.
  3. Make it easy to Plant Flowers – just as we can expect that there will be obstacles to our new habits, like a dinner party might affect the diet you’re on or sudden tiredness that might hit you at the end of a long day, then we can plan extra flowers to plant when we hit an unexpected obstacle. Plan some cheery thoughts! Write down a list of things you are grateful for ahead of time. Make an album on your phone of inspirational quotes or funny pictures of cats that make you laugh. Wear something that makes you feel great. Put some banging tunes on your iPod so you’ll have those happy rhythms to plug into if you find yourself sliding. Build your own emergency flowers kit – don’t fill it with chocolate and booze, fill it with happy thoughts!!
  4. Reward yourself! – You are doing great! But if you don’t remind yourself you’re going to forget. Take some time out to congratulate yourself for everything you’ve achieved so far, the great things you are learning about how your brain works and for the unique person you are!
  5. Practice JUST DOING – every time you find yourself just doing something you are building up a set of positive happy neurons instead of resisting or having to force yourself and feeding that bundle of less useful pathways. Every time you do this it gets easier. Happiness really is a habit!


Happy Habits!

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