Just keep swimming – A tip on enduring when forfeit is calling

January 8th, 2014 by Sit up a Tree

No-one ever said life was easy, but they never exactly make it clear how tough some seemingly simple challenges could be. While others may have more problems, our struggles are always bigger in our own eyes because we feel, fight and understand them better.  You cannot feel the weight another’s problems as wholly and authentically as your own.

It can make you wonder why you would want to add to the list of natural struggles, by enforcing tough life choices or new habits onto yourself. We are always faced with the temptation to give up, but sometimes a helping hand and a word of belief can be enough to keep you fighting on.

I believe in you!

 Right now, I am almost two weeks into a healthier lifestyle of more exercise, healthier eating, restricted drinking and dedication to making the improvements I want in my life. As you probably know, it isn’t always easy!

There is always temptation around me, from the smell of the burger shop as I pass on the way home from rehearsal, to the titters of my friends when I order orange juice or, worse, water instead of alcohol or, at least, a Diet Coke.

So many challenges and alluring temptations that make this task a lot harder.

How do I keep from giving in? I keep going.

Keep doing what it is you need to and work to keep the invading desires from stopping you in my tracks.

When I walk past that take-out shop, I focus entirely on getting home to the healthy food I have waiting, not letting myself pause for a second thought or get drawn into the temptation.

A lot of the time, temptation overcomes you when you are thinking about it “Oh, should I?” or are actually thinking about the temptation itself. If you keep going and don’t allow the urge the option of occupying your mind, it is easier to get rid of it.

If you focus your attention on other things, especially objectives, it will take your attention off those little voices that try and drag you back to the dark side.

Keep going about your day and let those temptations pass you by. Good luck! X

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