Ditch the gym membership or not? Recession busting tips

March 12th, 2009 by Sit up a Tree

To ditch or not to ditch
Like everyone in these tough times I’m trying to find new ways to achieve the most of my money. And for many people trying to juggle their budget their gym subscription is one of the first ‘luxuries’ being considered for the chop. The logic goes that exercise is, after all, free so do I really need the treadmill, bigscreen tv or steam room? But what a lot of people find is that no matter how determined they are to participate in free exercise activities like walking or running, fear and depression in these tough times can make that all the harder. Some days it seems safer to stay on the couch! But in these tough times health and fitness are all the more important. So before you decide the gym subscription is the first cutback double check that there arent other subscriptions (eg. premium tv and movie channels, video rental subscriptions, magazine subscriptions) or other expenses (eg. alcohol, cigarettes, junk food) that you could cut out instead. It’s all too easy in hard times to comfort eat, but you aren’t doing yourself any favors in the long run! Also exercise not only keeps your body fit it has a powerful effect on your state of mind – keeping positive is more important now than ever. How about combining your exercise time with meditation – more from Fit Sugar.

If it has to go…
If your gym subscription really does have to go though do not fear. Exercise IS free and there is a lot you can do to help yourself that doesn’t cost much. Apart from the obvious walking, running, push-ups and crunches, here are some low cost exercise solutions

  • Stepping – use the bottom steps of the staircase, your front doorstep etc etc
  • Weight training – milk or juice containers filled with water make excellent dumbbells, just fill with water to the desired weight
  • Find an exercise buddy – one of the biggest reasons for going to the gym or exercise class is for the company. If you find you’re having to make cutbacks chances are there will be others in the same position – why not form your own exercise group? Getting together for runs or going to other people’s houses to do an exercise DVD together is a great way to support each other.
  • Dancing – Put on your fav tracks and dance yourself fit!
  • More tipsNiall Ebbs has some great tips for weight training on a low budget

Remember: Whether your gym membership has to go or not, the important thing to remember is to keep your chin up – and keep your body moving!

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