Boost your energy levels 10 fold!

February 17th, 2007 by Sit up a Tree

Do you ever feel drained of energy?  Do you feel tired and lacking in get-up-and-go at 10 am?  Do you feel consistently tired, irritable and like you want to collapse into bed?  You need an energy boost!

There are two ways that you can improve your energy levels:

  • You can get rid of things in your life that suck up your energy
  • You can boost your internal energy stores

You body is much like a battery.  It stores energy until you need it.  However, in our modern society there are a huge number of drains on our energy levels, and constant exposure to these can severely deplete you reserves.  Here are a few of the major “energy drains”:

  • Worry
    Nothing does more to consume energy than worry.  These can be focused worries, such as worrying about a test or work task, or unfocused worries about the world in general.  Take steps to eliminate worry with clear thinking and meditation.
  • Being overweight
    If you are overweight this means that your body is carrying more weight that it should, as a result this your body is consuming more energy that it needs to during the day.  This can leave you feeling tired and lethargic.  As you lose weight you’ll notice that your energy levels increase proportionally.  This is one of the major reasons to lose weight (apart form health considerations).
  • Negative attitude
    This has an effect similar to worry.  It is in your best interests to discard negative, pessimistic beliefs and replace them with empowering optimistic beliefs.
  • Toxic people
    There are a small number of people on this planet who are toxic.  These people drain your energy for no good reason.  These are the kind of people that you want to avoid at all costs – even if that means telling it to them straight.  “Mind you mind, for it will surely spoil.”

Now that we’ve looked at what drains your energy, lets look at energy boosters:

  • Drink plenty
    Make sure that you drink 2 – 4 liters of water a day.  This water will flush out the toxins out of your system and make you feel refreshed and energetic.  It’ll also help you control hunger, an important side-effect if you are losing weight.
  • Eat well
    Eat a balanced diet rich in fruits and veg.  Avoid stodgy high protein, high fat foods that weigh you down. 
  • Exercise regularly
    It might seem counter-intuitive but regular exercise will boost your energy levels (not, as some people believe, reduce your energy).  Exercise gets your heart and lungs going and oxygenates your entire system – factors vital to good health.

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