I want to watch less TV!!!!

January 28th, 2007 by Sit up a Tree

TV.  The boob tube.  The glass teat.  There’s little doubt that spending four, five, six or more hours a day in front of the TV isn’t going to lead to an increase in productive.  In fact, you’re probably harming your overall productivity. 

I’ve nothing against TV personally, but I think that watching too much TV, especially in an uncontrolled way, is bad for you.  TV give you a simplistic alternative reality to escape into so you can avoid tackling real issues in your life.  Escapism is small doses isn’t a bad thing, but spending a large proportion of you time in TV land isn’t good.  You can spend your time in more constructive ways.

Here are some tips for reducing the amount of TV you watch.

  • Why are you watching TV?  Is it a habit or just filler between doing other things?  If it’s just filler and you don’t really spend all that much time watching the box, then it’s not really a big deal.  It’s the long stretches in front of the box that’s bad.
  • Plan your viewing in advance.  Get the TV guide out, make a list and then stick to it.
  • Record and watch.  If you plan what you want to watch, why not program your VCR or TiVo and record everything you want to watch.  This way you can save time by skipping commercials.
  • Watch your weekly recording at the end of the week.  If you’re recording everything you want to watch, why not watch all your recorded shows and films at the end of the week rather than piecemeal?  This will help you break the habit of turning to the TV when you’re bored or doing nothing.
  • Fill TV time with something else.  What do you want to be doing instead?  Reading?  Exercising?  Playing with your kids?  Learning a new skill?  Meditating?  Switch the TV off and just do it!  If you don’t fill that time, TV will.
  • Like films and TV shows?  Why not buy or rent DVDs rather than watching them when they are aired?  You can watch what you want when you want rather than relying on the programme schedule.  You also avoid commercials (which can account for 15 minutes for every hour of viewing – a massive time-waste!).
  • Avoid 24/7 news channels – these channels can seriously suck up all your time.

Reclaim your time – watch less TV!

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