How do I stop biting my nails?

January 28th, 2007 by Sit up a Tree

I desperately want to stop biting my nails.  It just doesn’t fit in with the way that I want to look or feel about myself.  Do you have any tips?

The good news for you is that you are closer to giving up biting your fingernails than you think – you already want to give up (desperately, to use your own words).  That’s good.  You already have huge leverage on yourself to make the change – which is the first step in making a change like this.

Next, visualize how you will be when you do give up nail biting (you will, don’t introduce doubt by think in the “if” rather than “when”).  How will you feel?  How will you look?  In what ways will you be a better person for giving up?  How will others see you?  Be clear and very specific.  Do these kinds of visualization exercises several times a day and each time that you think of or catch yourself about to bring your hands up to your mouth.  Say to yourself:

“I do not bite my nails!”

“I DO NOT bite my nails!”


Repeat this over and over, installing the command in your sub-conscious (a good time to do this is in the final minutes before going to sleep).

Next, cut your nails short and keep them trimmed.  If your fingernails are in a bad state, get a manicure to have them sorted out – spending money on your nails will put you off messing them up!

Finally, find a way to give yourself some small amount of physical pain for thinking about, or starting to, bite your nails.  A good trick is to wear a loose elastic band around your wrist.  When you think about nail biting, snap the band on your wrist.  The pain doesn’t have to be much – your mind will make the connection.

Keep this up for a few weeks (21 – 30 days) and you’ll have instilled a new habit to replace the old one.

Good luck!

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