Eye movement and lying – Simple steps to becoming a human lie detector!

October 9th, 2006 by Sit up a Tree

Can you tell if someone is lying just by looking at their eyes?  You bet that you can!  We give away a lot about ourselves through our body language, and the eyes are especially a giveaway.

First off, when I say “left” or “right”, I mean left and right from your viewpoint.  Secondly, this technique holds true for most right-handed people, and many left-handers too.  With that sorted, let’s look at the theory.

OK, There are seven general directions that people’s eyes can move towards:

  • Up and to the left
    Visually constructed images
  • Up and to the right
    Visually remembered images
  • To the left
    Auditory constructed
  • To the right
    Auditory remembered
  • Down and to the left
  • Down and to the right
    Internal dialog
  • Straight ahead
    Usually, this is a sign of concentration (usually visual accessing a memory) or someone trying to hide how they feel

The two cues to lying that you need to be on the look out for are “up and to the left”, where the person is constructing a visual image (that is, lying about something they saw/did), and “to the left”, where the person is constructing an auditory experience (lying about something they heard). These are pretty good eye cues that the person is lying to you. 

Nothing is 100% accurate and some people are wired differently, or they eye movements are hard to pick up on.  In these circumstances it’s a good idea to run some test questions (don’t let on what you’re doing of course!) past the individual and see how they respond to them.

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