Be careful – Ideas can become a “to do list item”!

August 21st, 2006 by Sit up a Tree

If you’re anything like me, you have dozens of ideas every day.  Some will be ideas that you can transform into a money-making plan or a life-changing scheme, but many will be chaff that requires disposing of.

Now, it’s vital that you have a scheme for recording and logging your ideas.  A notebook or journal or a diary is a good system.  By keeping the idea in mind, you will be able to ponder it long enough for it to evolve into a good idea or be blown away like chaff in a breeze.

But there’s a problem that I’ve noticed.  It’s very easy for an idea that’s not yet mature enough to make it from your “ideas” list and onto your “to do” list.  This transforms embryonic ideas from being something that needs more thought into something that you that you need to start acting on.  If you’re ready for the item to move from the “ideas” list into the “to do” list, fine, but if you’re not ready for that to happen, you can be pushed down an avenue that you’ve not properly thought out and add unnecessary bulk to your “to do” list.

Make sure that all shifts from the “ideas” list to your “to do” list is done consciously.  Otherwise you’ll contaminate your “to do” list and struggle to differentiate between ideas to ponder and things that you need to act on.

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