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My conversion to pzizz

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

I feel a little bit ashamed about broadcasting the fact that I bought some software to help with something as basic as sleep, but I did!  That software is called pzizz.

Pzizz comes in two flavors – a hardware pzizz and a software pzizz.

But what is pzizz?  Here’s what the pzizz folks have to say about it:

“The pzizz team has spent the last 2 years creating and developing new features, including preferences that allow you to create exactly the nap you want.

pzizz is a remarkable invention that combines several different proven techniques to give you the most refreshing and revitalizing ‘nap’ possible. We have combined NLP with especially composed music, sound effects and a binaural beat to induce a wonderfully relaxed state.

Whilst in this deeply relaxed state, pzizz delivers literally billions of different combinations of suggestions through the structured language patterns and the sounds that encourage the subconscious not only to relax but also to focus and energize both the body and the mind.

Every time you press “play” or choose to “export” some naps, the software will mix a new nap for you so that you never hear exactly the same thing twice!”

Pzizz Windows player

I decided to give pzizz a go.  I bought the pzizz software along with both sleep and energizer nap modules.  Downloads were quite large (about 80MB) but installation onto my PC was easy (although I did have to install iTunes, something that I’ve resisted installing so far) and within minutes I had pzizz pzizzing away!

So, what did I think?  Well, so far I’ve only used it a few times and I’ve yet to experiment with the full range of features on offer (you have a number of options to choose from) but I have experienced some pretty invigorating and energizing naps after using pzizz.  I’ve also used the sleep function twice and each time had a more relaxing, unwinding experience (although as a rule I sleep pretty well anyway!).

I’ll let you know more as to how I get on with it over the next few weeks!

Price: pzizz software + energizer module is $39.95 and the sleep module is an extra $19.95.  Free trial available from the pzizz website.

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