Want to learn how to speed-read?

May 7th, 2006 by Sit up a Tree

Do you want to learn how to speed-read?  WikiHow has an excellent article on how to learn to speed read that will cost you nothing.

Compared to most systems that will cost you anything between $10 to $100 (or more), the information in this article is quite thorough and should, if you practice enough (and learning to speed read requires a LOT of practice) you should be able to increase your reading speed dramatically.

The article breaks down speed reading into 11 steps, but the four steps that I feel are the most important are:

  • Time your current reading speed
    Know where you are starting from – this way you’ll be able to spot improvements that you make.
  • Stop reading to yourself
    One of the main obstacles to speed reading is subvocalizing the words you see in your head.  As odd as it might sound, this dramatically reduces your reading speed.  Humming to yourself or playing music through headphones while you read are both good techniques for eliminating subvocalization.
  • Read with your hand
    One of the keys to speed reading is smooth eye movement and it helps if you use your hand of finger as a guide for your eye.
  • Practice and push yourself
    If you want to learn to speed read then you will need to put in hours of practice time.  Don’t expect to speed read in 5 minutes!

Try it and see how you fair!

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