Words have power!

March 7th, 2006 by Sit up a Tree

Think about the words that you use on a regular basis (both internally to yourself and externally in what you say to others).  Are they positive or negative?

For example, do you say:

“The weather is horrible.”
“The weather is cold and wet.”

Do you say:

“That person is a nasty person.”
“That person did X, Y and Z.”

Notice how with just a few words you can make yourself feel worse about something that the situation dictates.  The best way with anything is to see it as it is, no worse but there are people who not only do the opposite, but do it about things that they have no control over (such as other people, the weather and so on).  Not only that, but when you use negative words and phrases with others, you are transferring some of your negativity about the situation onto others.

Most people want to feel better, and if that’s your goal then a good place to start is by “thinking better”.  I’m not suggesting that you completely eliminate all negative thoughts and feelings, just to try to put a brake on doing it unconsciously.

What’s the best way to do that?  The best way is to notice that you are doing it.  Sounds simple and it is but that alone will help you to think better and, as a direct result of that, feel better.

Think about your thinking!

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