Using music to change your state

February 18th, 2006 by Sit up a Tree

Feeling down?  Feeling depressed?  Feeling frustrated?  Feeling angry?

You can change how you feel almost instantly by changing your state!  Problem is, many people find it really difficult to change their state because they’re made a habit out of feeling disempowering feelings.

But there is a way to change how you feel and change quickly – through music.  Think about it, is there a piece of music that makes you feel happy, euphoric, excited or empowered?  Chances are that you can identify a stack of tracks that can change your state (and if you can’t think of any music then it’s time to go through you music collection, or failing that a movie that moves you – at worse, take a look at the ads on TV, these are loaded with music designed to move people).

Once you’ve found a few tracks that can change your state then why not give yourself the gift of a mix tape of tracks that uplift you.  Label it and put it on one side until you need to change your state and feel better.  And why not make a few copies of your empowering mix tape (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a tape, it can be a CD!) and leave one in the car, one at the office, one in your bedroom …).

Try it – this is a simple way to change your state and change how you feel.

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